Re: Can I use a 98255A EPROM card to create a bootable language card?

Paul Bicknell

Hi Stan


I also have a Dominique Berget BASIC ROM DIO card clones, version 5.1

You use up RAM when you load in the basic  but when you use a basic on a ROM  you save the RAM


There is a later version of HP basic  6.1  but most people seam to have standardized on 5.1


Regards Paul B


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Hello Stan,


I know that Dominique Berget designed BASIC ROM DIO card clones, version 5.1 ( the latest BASIC version ).

You can find his contact email address at the site; if I remember correctly, one of Dominique’s older BASIC card projects is mentioned there ( 4.0 ?).

I don’t know if he has any of these boards left, or if there is a chance for a new production run; certainly that depends on the order quantity ( maybe you could initiate a common order, if others are interested as well).

I own such a board, and it works perfectly fine.

But the effort to produce them is high, allow for about € 200.- per piece.

The original BASIC 5.1 rom board ( at the moment I haven’t got the HP part number for it at hand, sorry) is extremely rare. A year ago or so one was sold on Ebay for more than $300, IIRC. So waiting for another auction for this one isn’t a reasonable alternative.

Perhaps you find a solution to build your own board. Otherwise, if you should decide to contact Dominique, please pass on my best wishes.


Best regards,



P.S.: There is one drawback of the ROM version of BASIC 5.1:

Unlike the RAM version, the BASIC code obviously can’t be modified.

That prevents the use of the BASIC compiler along with the ROM version, because the compiler tries to modify the BASIC code.


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Betreff: [VintHPcom] Can I use a 98255A EPROM card to create a bootable language card?


I have a working 9826A and would like to have a BASIC language ROM card for it. Can I use a 98255A card with programmed EEPROMs to do this? I have access to a BASIC 5.0 ROM card with socketed EPROMS, so I can copy those if my idea is feasible. And if this will work, are there later versions of ROM BASIC (or ROM Pascal or ROM HPL) available?


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