Re: imaging/duplicating HP tape cartridges - lots of questions


Using the rcm command should dump the complete contents of the RAM on tape, which should make it possible to distil the binary from it.

But maybe we should think about designing a tape emulator with an usb interface or sd card to replace the tape drive.

The head data is serial, tacho eot signals could be generated very simple. The crux would be converting the serial head data to an analogue signal for the tape controller and visa versa. Converting the head analogue signal to TTL… do-able but time consuming ;)




Van: [] Namens Jack Rubin
Verzonden: maandag 20 februari 2017 23:07
Aan: VintHPco
Onderwerp: Re: [VintHPcom] imaging/duplicating HP tape cartridges - lots of questions


I don't think this moves us ahead - page 15 of the 9877 manual says that "binary files cannot be duplicated with the dupc statement. If binary files are detected on the master cartridge, error 57 will be printed and the file will only be marked." It then carries on with a discussion of Record Memory and Load Memory, again noting that "binary programs will not be recorded when a record memory (rcm) is executed". 

What is the rationale for making binary copies impossible? Is this intended as a copy protection mechanism by HP or is it a version of kernel space/user space?

Can the assembler/editor dump memory in a usable format that preserves binary content?



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