Re: Insertion delay needed for BNC-BNC couplers UG491A/U (M-M) and UG914/U (F-F)

John KN5L

Attached is Female Open measurement with port delay set to calDelay/2

100 point trace. What I've noticed is last point, 100MHz, always goes
into the weeds. Others noticed this? Blip near 45MHz is sound card

On 5/23/20 11:59 AM, John Oppenheimer wrote:
Hi Kurt,

On 5/23/20 10:54 AM, Kurt Poulsen wrote:
The internal structure of the female female adaptor is also not ideal as there sare sections not filled with PTFE
Yes, had noticed that yesterday. Female Open Delay without inside PTFE
is -177.82 where as using an open with internal PTFE (031-320-RFX no
pin) is -187.6

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