Re: Insertion delay needed for BNC-BNC couplers UG491A/U (M-M) and UG914/U (F-F)

John KN5L

Hi Kurt and Dave,

On 5/22/20 5:23 PM, Kurt Poulsen wrote:
ptfe (Teflon) is 0.695 (some manufacturer state 0.7
This morning, measured S21 delay through a UG491/UG91 stack and computed
Vf. With this configuration, measured Vf = 0.71

This adds to the complexity of fabricating calibration devices using a
gender changing extension device. Seems not as simple as adding measured
S21 or length/Vf computed delay.

Which makes SDR-kit BNC 4-pc cal kit a plus, as it includes measured
delays for both Male and Female operation.

SDR-kit Male specified delays are:
For all kits supplied the Open Delay = -41.66 ps and Short Delay =
-113.52 ps

Published delays for Female operation, using a F-F adapter:
OPEN = -177.82 SHORT = 267.75

For open condition, adapter adds 136.16, short condition adds 154.23pS.
Difference of 18pS.

John KN5L

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