Re: Insertion delay needed for BNC-BNC couplers UG491A/U (M-M) and UG914/U (F-F)


On Fri, 22 May 2020 at 04:15, David Feldman via <> wrote:
Hello Kurt,

For the HP 85031B parts, I have no additional standards data beyond what I included, which was copied from old version of HP 85031B manual. There is nothing printed on the three devices; one is HP 909A (like 909F, but rated only to 6 GHz);

The 909A is not rated to 6 GHz. The 909A is rated to 18 GHz, but it is a general purpose load low reflection load, whereas the more expensive 909F is a precision load, with better return loss specifications. 

The 2 GHz 909C would be a good choice for a VNWA. It might have better low frequency specification than the 909F and certainly will the 909A. 


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