This group was started in 2002 on Yahoo Groups and will continue here on

We don't have a long list of guidelines. First, be nice. Don't attack other members personally. We are here because of our interest in VLF and Natural Radio and there is nothing in either of these subjects that should spark personal animosity.

Please note that we conduct our discussions within the bounds of proven science. Discussions of fringe science, speculative science and conspiracy theories are considered off-topic and out of place on this forum.

No spam. 

If you have a piece of used equipment to sell that is related to VLF, feel free to list it. Just complete your transaction by private email.  If you produce a product or publication useful to the VLF community, feel free to mention it or provide a link, just don't abuse the privilege.

And finally, for the sake of organization, stick to the topic of a given thread. If the topic veers off in another direction, start a new thread. It will make it much easier to find a piece of information several months or years down the road if it matches the title of the thread.

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