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The Natural Radio & VLF group is a discussion group dedicated to those who enjoy monitoring radio frequencies in the VLF (very low frequency) radio spectrum (3-30 kHz) and the surrounding radio frequencies. We listen to the amazing Natural Radio sounds created by planet Earth such as whistlers, chorus, tweeks, risers, sferics and hiss on simple VLF receivers (Whistler Receivers). This is a form of radio astronomy. 
You can listen to beautiful bird-like sounds created by the northern lights on your whistler receiver while watching them at the same time! Or hear an incoming solar flare impact our planet's ionosphere and magnetosphere in real time! Listen to distant lightning's metallic ring during nighttime hours. Study sprites and jets and learn about Space Weather. Discuss VLF receiver designs. 

Some of us monitor Military and Government and VLF stations to assess the effects of solar activity on the ionosphere. Others experiment with transmitting on certain VLF frequencies.

Membership is open to anyone interested in any aspect of VLF. Become a member today by simply sending an e-mail to ( from the e-mail account you wish to have subscribed to the Natural Radio & VLF Group.

Please note that we conduct our discussions within the bounds of proven science. Discussions of fringe science, speculative science and conspiracy theories are considered off-topic and out of place on this forum.

We encourage new members to visit our website at for introductory information to the world of Natural Radio listening.

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