K162-28 BNSF CSX By Fonda NY #foreignpower #k162 #bnsf

Charlie Railscan

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Subject: [CSXTSightings] K162-28 BNSF CSX By Fonda NY #k162 #foreignpower #bnsf

K162-28 BNSF AC44CM 612 H3 (built as ATSF C449W 'Warbonner' 612 2/94) leading CSXT CM44AH 7202 YN3B (built as CSXT AC4400CW 208) and CSXT SD70MAC 4527 (built as CSXT 727 10/99) EB by Fonda NY at approx 1732 ET. Todays train had 'Santa Fe' spacer ATSF 85875 on the rear.

Here is an image of the Santa Fe hopper/spacer from 2012: