UKQRM Radio Interference in the UK

UKQRM is a group formed of Radio Amateurs, Shortwave radio listeners, Citizens' Band radio users, EMC professionals, and like-minded people, who discuss issues of non-EMC-compliance of electronic equipment and the danger posed to the radio spectrum.

We are concerned with the rise in non-EMC-compliance of the following:

  • Switched Mode Power Supplies.
  • Plasma Televisions.
  • Lighting systems - including CFL, electronic-ballasts, and LED lighting.
  • Solar systems - including mains-inverters.
  • Heating systems - including boilers and thermostats.
  • Power Line Technology.
  • and anything new that presents a threat to the radio spectrum.
We welcome members from Amateur Radio; Shortwave listening; Citizens' Band radio; professional radio Engineers; EMC professionals; and legal-eagles who wish to help force the government and their QUANGOs to enforce the law. We also welcome input from International experts to help us understand the different regulations, methods of enforcement, and the world-wide impact of radio-interference. Please indicate your profession/callsign/interest in UKQRM so that we may proceed with your application to join as quickly as possible.

As this group discusses items of a highly technical nature, we recommend members of the public view our websites for help and advice:

Please follow us on Twitter: @UKQRM

Australian radio users may be interested in the Radio Amateur Society of Australia's QRM website:

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