Weather Fronts and Tropospheric Ducting

Marcus Walden

Following on from the tropospheric ducting observed on 15 July 2021, I came across the following PhD thesis, which might be of interest.

T. Jones
"Meteorological Causes of Anomalous Microwave Propagation"
July 1993

From the conclusions, this research and other works "confirm the expectation that anticyclones are the most important cause of anaprop, with fronts as a relatively insignificant source of interference propagation, statistically speaking. This does not stop some fronts causing very severe anaprop."

However, it also states that "about 50% of the fronts studied produced anaprop,"

On 15 July at 1200 UTC, there was an occluded front parallel to the path between southern UK and Scandinavia. It's interesting to see how it lines up with the Hepburn predictions over the North Sea. The difference in chart times (1200 versus 2100 UTC) may indicate that the duct formed behind the occluded front.

73 Marcus G0IJZ