Wanted: technical data, graphs for MilliTech MHB series external mixers to 140GHz


1)  technical data, operational graphs( lab notes ?) for MilliTech MHB series external mixers to 140GHz,  ... anyone ?
These particular units have a built-in Diplexer, preamp and an LO requirement of 8 to 15 GHz.

2) The LO freq. of the MilliTech external mixers ( 8 to 15GHz ) is different than the front panel LO ( 2 to 6.2 GHz) provided by
the HP 8566b Or the HP 70,000 MMS ( having the 40GHz Z Option ) SA's, which I want to use the MilliTech Ext. mixers with.

Yes, instead, could use an external 8 to 15 GHz sig gen for the LO, but would be nice to try to bump up the HP LO loop from the front panel of the HP for these external mixers.
-- Anyone done anything like this ?

MilliTech external mixers MHB-xx-xxxxx :
MHB-12-RD3A0 (60 - 90 GHz)   
MHB-19-RD3A0 (40-60 GHz) 
MHB-08-RD3A0 (90 - 140 GHz)

So, these particular MilliTech external mixers have an 8 to 15 GHz LO requirement.
MHB Broadband Harmonic Mixers suffix :   -RD3A0

R = round flange
D3 = included Diplexer, LO = 8 to 15 GHz
C = preamplifier included
0 = unknown.

thank you !