Update: F6BVA 3cm to UHF transverter group purchase

Neil Smith G4DBN

Currently, I have orders for 65 PCBs, 36 DF9NP local oscillators and lots of component kits and enclosures for the F6BVA 10 GHz to UHF transverters in the group purchase.

If by any chance you have made an order and haven't seen the updates in the BVA-transverters-uk IO group, then please drop me a line to as I need to verify everyone's orders for DF9NP LOs asap.

The group archives are public, so you can have a look what we are up to. If you are thinking about joining the waiting list for the next group buy in a month or so, or if you just fancy a nosey, you are most welcome to join. It is all very boring stuff about component choices, bills of materials and translations, obviously.

Neil G4DBN