Unidentified Connector - Solved

Dave G8GKQ

Thanks Rob


That’s a match.  It’s an OSP – spec to 22 GHz.


Dave, G8GKQ



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Sent: 12 October 2020 22:37
Subject: Re: [UKMicrowaves] Unidentified Connector


Looks like a push fit connector for modular system, like OSP...




On 12/10/2020 21:39, Dave G8GKQ wrote:

Thanks for all the comments so far.


It’s definitely not SMB, SMC or RP-SMA.  It could be a variant of QMA, but it has a male centre pin, the insulation is too well recessed and the external ridges are outside the formal spec.


It could have been used as a test point on a piece of equipment, so may not even be a standardised connector at all.  Anyway, the leads are useful as they have SMBs at the other end....


Close-up attached with a view of the recessed insulation and the stepped diameter male centre pin.


Dave, G8GKQ