UK Microwave OPs - Digest #182

Chris Bartram G4DGU

Hello Adrian,

Thanks for posting the photos of the 'MTG transverter. I was very happy to have worked that back in the 1980s when Richard was using it with his 1W TWT - serious QRO at that time! I was using a barefoot WG transverter of my own design, still using the same basic principles as the 'JVL, but with much with simpler-to-align filters. Mine still exists, and although the supporting electronics is still extant, it has been spread over a number of later projects.

Incidentally, my best DX with the barefoot WG transverter with about 0.5mW o/p was about 250km, from Bursdon Moor on the Devon-Cornwall border, near the small town of Hartland, to 'JVL on Hayling Island.


Chris G4DGU

Graham G3VKV

Hello Chris,
I expect you worked these two using their JVL's from Cleeve Common way back
Roy G3FYX and Tim G3KEU - used to take my kit out with them many times in the 80's
Pictures not very good as they came from an early colour video (now deteriorated with storage)
Note the flask and easy chair - portable in style !!
Graham G3VKV


Still running a JVL transverter here as my home station. It hasn't been out /P for years,  partly because it is buried at the back of an equipment rack, gathering loads of dust.  Still works well, original 384MHz LO chain  is still there but has been replaced with a 10MHz locked source.   I remember finishing building this in 1984 at Brookmas Park. My 1st NB QSO was over a year later I think.

Lot of DX worked on this rig, (OK, with a modern preamp and a meaty TWT amp now)  including some nice EME QSOs

If you have worked me from home, this is what was at my end.

I am QRV at any time with 50W available in the shack, my take off South is rubbish and its hard to get beyond  300km by any mode but always willing to try.  Can pretty much work anywhere in mainland GM on troposcatter, so when you come up on staycation.. bring a 3cm system :)

My portable systems are a bit less ancient.