UK Microwave Group Low Band Contest Activity List - Sunday 8th May

John Quarmby

The next session of the UKuG Low Band Contest takes place this Sunday 8th May from 0800-1400 GMT (0900-1500 Clock time), on the 1296,2300,2320, and 3400MHz bands.

This session coincides with the RSGB UHF Contest and is on an IARU Region 1 coordinated date, so there should be good levels of activity.

Here is the activity list, good luck to all taking part.

Callsign: M0HNA/P
Locator: IO91GI44
Bands: 1.3GHz 400W 67ele
2.30GHz 50W 0.6m dish
2.32GHz 50W 0.6m dish
3.4GHz 15W 0.9m PF dish
Talkback: ON4KST, (23cm M0HNA-1, 9&13cm M0HNA-2), direct CQ on 23cm

Callsign: GM8IEM
Locator: IO78HF
Bands: 1296MHz 180W 67el
             2300/2320MHz 80W 67el
Talkback: S&P plus direct CQ on 1296MHz if there is some good tropo, otherwise relying ON4KST as usual
Times: On and off throughout depending on conditions/activity

Callsign: GM4BYF
Locator: IO85JV
Bands: 1296MHz 100W 1 x 57el
Talkback: Direct CQ on 1296MHz, ON4KST
Times: Throughout

Callsign: 2E0GTD
Locator: IO91GE18
Bands: 1296MHz 25w Moxon
Talkback: ON4KST
Times: PM

Callsign: M1MHZ
Locator: IO92wv
Bands: 1296MHz 100W /  67el
Talkback: Direct CQ on 1296MHz, ON4KST/KST2ME
Times: Various / throughout if enough activity

Callsign: G8AIM
Locator: IO92FH
Bands: 1296MHz 100watts  4 x35 ele Tonna
             2320MHz 100 watts  2x67 Wimo
             3400MHz  40watts  112 ele loop yagi
Because of local QRM on 23cms it will probably  not be possible to work stations to the North of my location unless they are running megawatts.
Talkback: DIRECT CQ  on 1296Mhz. I will also monitor 144.390.
Times: Hoping to be active for the last 2 hours

Callsign: G3XDY
Locator: JO02OB
Bands: 1296MHz 400W 4 x 23el
               2300/2320MHz 200W 0.8m dish
              3400MHz 20W 0.8m dish
Talkback: Direct CQ on 1296MHz, ON4KST
Times: Throughout


John G3XDY
UKuG Contest Manager

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Peter GW4JQP

Sorry I didn’t get round to posting my details in time.

Callsign: GW4JQP
Locator: IO71KR
Bands: 1296MHz 25W 35 element antenna            
Talkback: Direct CQ on 1296MHz, ON4KST
Times: 0800-1400GMT

Peter GW4JQP 




My apologies, On firing up the 23cms radio this morning, it refuses to burst into life – I suspect nothing today from me.


Good luck all



Bob, G1ZJP / M1MHZ