Rexolite bar for POTY lens - QO-100

Gareth G4XAT

With Rocket LNBs now way over £10 to the UK I wondered if I could turn my own using Rexolite. Having found a source in the UK (Amari Plastics) they only sell 1.8m lengths of it at 1£11.80, plus £25 delivery, probably all plus VAT.
100mm will easily make a lens, so potentially another 17 possible. Somewhat more than I need.....
I have acrylic, nylon 66 and PTFE bar already, but not sure how it would impact the lens design, other than 'it would'. The dish its going on is a bit bigger than target design (1.45m offset) so something a 'bit broader' might actually help.

Neil Smith G4DBN

I have a fair bit of rexolite bar left Gareth, I've had two 6ft lengths of Rexolite 1422 at 1 inch diameter (for 3cm and 1.2cm lenses) and one at 1.5 inch or so (for 6cm).

It turns really nicely:

Happy to saw a bit off and pop it in the post.

I get it from Specialist Engineering Plastics in Grantham.

Neil G4DBN