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I found SNA286
but not sure for the micro-X box
see here
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Date : 21/02/2020 09:43:21
Sujet : [UKMicrowaves] Mystery MMIC
I have a mystery strip of (presumably) MMICs in a plastic micro-X SMD
package. Does anyone recognise the package code S5? This looks like a
Minicircuits part. I've checked their web site, and looked at the usual
Codebooks (Tnx, Roger!) but I can't find any clue as to what the part
is. I suspect it's a now obsolete device, but it would be good to be
proven wrong.
Does anyone here have any info?
Chris G4DGU

Chris Bartram G4DGU


Thank you for your reply. You have managed to trigger the correct part of my brain, and I am now able to remember the job which they were used on! They are the Sirenza device and will be useful for future projects of my own.

Best 73

Chris G4DGU

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