RadCom June GHz Bands


I will be writing the June GHz Bands column early next week and the good news is that I have two pages again!

My deadline is close of play Thursday, so please send me any news, activity, Details of notable DX worked technical snippets, photos of your latest kit, or ideas  that you have by Tuesday.
Anything that won't fit in the column should find a space in the next Activity column in the UKuG Scatterpoint e-magazine.



Murray Niman

Hi John BAO

I hope you manged to include the 122 GHz Fraser Shepherd winners!  as per...
  - well done to the VKs!

Also -  please can you fix the ongoing omission that UKuG is never listed in the national clubs in RadCom  - see blue box on p18 in June edition for example


 Murray G6JYB


Murray Niman

On Sat, Apr 24, 2021 at 07:27 PM, Murray Niman wrote:
>see blue box on p18 in June edition for example
- oops - I meant May