Microstrip Filter designer

Andy G4JNT

Is there a plug-n-play design package for microstrip filter design?   I know it's a complicated, non-optimum technique, depending heavily on characteristics of the substrate material, yet is one of the most common filter types to be found in all equipment.

I have Ansoft designer, but it's clunky, tedious and I've mostly forgotten how to use it for anything other than pure circuit analysis, hence looking for something specific to microstrip.    Never used QUCs, but if it can do microstrip filters I could just about be persuaded to give it a try :-)

Unless anyone has a ready-to-go solution for :
   Passband 2297 to 2410MHz
   Ripple not too critical, even 3dB would be acceptable
   Loss,  not important
   Attenuation at 2120MHz > 40dB, preferably > 50dB
You can guess what for.

I could use a combline filter and do have design software for those, but don't like doing metalwork and uStrip would be neater

Dave G8KHU

QUCS has a filter synthesis wizard which has various microstrip options. I am using QucsStudio 3.3.2, which is recent, and the tool is simply Tools >> Filter Synthesis. Not a lot of learning curve :)

Neil Smith G4DBN

The filter synthesis facility does come up with weird and impractical microstrip widths at times, rather like Elsie does for lumped filters at 50 ohms impedance, but the program is pretty simple, just make sure you install QUCS Studio and not the original QUCS.  It doesn't have an installer, just unzip to C:\QucsStudio and create a shortcut to C:\QucsStudio\bin\qucs.exe to run it.

You define your PCB parameters, specify the usual parameters, run the synthesis, it puts it into the paste buffer, so you just paste the result into the main window.  You can then run a simulation to get the response of the filter.

Neil G4DBN

On 06/01/2021 10:11, Dave G8KHU wrote:
QucsStudio 3.3.2



Don'tya just hate it when newer versions of software don't support old file formats?

None of my myriad of QUCS .sch files from the past will load in QUCs Studio.

" First we kill all the Software Engineers.......!"

Anyone know if you can convert/import them?