Kuhne gear for sale


I bought some Kuhne gear from a deceased estate thinking I could get on 47 ghz, but here in VK6 not a soul is interested.
So its up for sale.
I have the following

Kuhne 47 Ghz transverter model MKU 47G
Kuhne frequency multiplier Model 23-47S
Kuhne Ku-band Local Osc unit , freq 11736 Mhz Option 01
Kuhne K-band Local Osc unit , freq 24192.9 Mhz Option 01

The option 01 units require a OXCO at , I believe , 117 Mhz
All these are absolutely unused, been stored for approx 8 years, and given the lack of interest locally i can understand why they are unused.
I paid Aus $1250 for the lot.
I'm looking to recoup as close to that as possible to finance other projects, ie a new receiver, Win radio AMFE -8600 frequency converter, or something similar.
I could be interested in a trade, depending on what is offered.
My interest these days is DSN reception on 7-8 Ghz and 2 ghz.
I can attach pics if you are interested.
Initially I'd prefer to sell as a job lot, and would include a ZL 24/47ghz waveguide switch from a few years ago.
If separated then I'll keep the waveguide switch.
Let me know if you are interested, shipping wont be an issue as the lot weighs in at about 600 grammes.


All sold thanks