Image resizing

Neil Smith G4DBN

There are different settings for images uploaded to the GUI and for HTML inline images. Default resize for inlines is 1024 x 1024. Don't know if there is a difference where a file is attached to a non-HTML email.

I set my groups without resizing, but they have very low traffic levels.

If an image is going to be of enduring interest, consider submitting it for inclusion into the wiki, otherwise if nobody is going to want to look at it in ten years (or six months) then consider hosting it on Google Drive or something.  If you have your own website, then perhaps pop it on there, but one of the joys of email forums is that you can look back at stuff from 20 years ago. Losing the history of discussions is a problem of Web 2.0 facilities,  Curating the content is a big job, and thankless, so link rot and deletions are going to mean we lose our common body of knowledge as time goes on.

Someone should be thinking hard about this and working out how we can save important and useful stuff from, twitter, instagram, traditional email lists, BBS systems, newsgroups, personal websites and even <cough> F***book</cough>, although isn't that just people yelling abuse at each other?  Not looked at it for many years. We can't just put blind faith in The Wayback Machine.  The amatuer radiocommmon body of knowledge needs curation and archival storage.  Well, maybe the 5% or so that isn't arguments, or twaddle, or opinionated nonsense.

Neil G4DBN

On 11/07/2021 15:48, Andy G4JNT wrote:
Well, that's interesting.
Yours was a PNG of 227k size, small and blurred.   When I downloaded mine it's only 49K in size, larger and higher definition.