Goonhilly 23 and 13cm WebSDR


The UK Microwave Group funded 23 and 13cm WebSDR located at Goonhilly Earth Station (IO70JB) was installed at the end of September 2022 by Neil G4LDR, Noel G8GTZ, Graham G3VZV and Phil M0DNY. The antenna heading is 213deg to monitor beacons as far south as Cape Verde (HK76MU) via the propagation enhancements caused by the Azores high pressure systems.

The Cornish 23cm beacon GB3MCB on 1296.860MHz (1296.856MHz September 2022) can be seen/heard when it is on air. There are no 13cm beacons within range under normal conditions, the nearest being GB3SCS on 2320.905. I am able to put a signal into both receivers under favourable conditions from near Salisbury (IO91EC) despite the antennas pointing south. The rough tone on received signals is due to the current 11 year old PC being unable to continuously sample the two AIRSPY SDRs in real time, resulting in dropped samples. A newer more powerful PC has been procured and will be installed by the end of the year.

Computer hardware and WebSDR software are provided by BATC and AMSAT UK, internet facilities are provided by Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd.

An article will be published in a future ScatterPoint giving full details.

Neil G4LDR.


I should have added the web address which is

73 Neil. G4LDR