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Andy G4JNT

Just contacted the PCB suppliers, as, by my reckoning, the 15 working-days is now due (what with Xmas and all that) but it seems there's still another 3 days to go on the schedule, plus a day for dispatch - and  that's going to overlap a weekend too.

When they've arrived, I'll make up a couple to prove all is OK then place an order button on my website and announce here.   The price will probably be £9 each with a programmed PIC  - possibly already mounted on the PCB if that proves the easiest way to programme them as I don't have a suitable SOIC adapter and soldering an 8 chip only takes a few seconds.

All components bar the voltage regulator are available from the Chipbank, and if you want to run from less than 5V, you don't need a voltage regulator anyway.

With all the other chat on this Group about ordering, glad I didn't follow the sheep and go for Chinese PCB manufacture - Newbury Electronics have always done a good job.