Chris Bartram G4DGU

Hello Martin

made by Mutek a while back

Yes, about 40 years ago! I'm afraid that I need the notes which I made at the time to jog my memory and AFAIK they went to the current owner of the Company.

I occasionally still get requests from people for information on muTek products. I can usually remember the broad details, but the intervening years have resulted in the detail disappearing into the haze!

I still use the same basic circuit for timing T/R switching of everything in my current HB kit, including WG relays and TWTAs in multi-stage C/O systems. It has the great advantage of simplicity, and very well demonstrated reliability, but the function of the DIL switch is not something I can be sure of. I suspect that it controlled the sense of the T/R input and maybe the timing of the switching delay, but I can't be certain.


Chris G4DGU