Activity List for the UK Microwave Group 24/47/76GHz Contests - Sunday 12th Sept

John Quarmby

The next UKuG mm-wave events on the 24, 47, and 76GHz bands tkaes place tomorrow, Sunday 12th September. The contest runs from 0900-1700GMT (1000 - 1800BST).

Rules for this event are here:

Thank you for your inputs, here is the activity list:

Callsign: G1EHF/P
Locator: IO91GI44
Bands: 24GHz 100mW 30cm dish 47GHz flea-power 30cm dish
76GHz flea-power 40cm dish
All GPS-locked, with 47 and 76GHz local beacons
Talkback: ON4KST and 144.390, 433.450MHz NBFM
Times: 10am bst onwards

Callsign G8ACE Locator IO91JB or JA Bands 24G 2w (at the horn) 60cm J fed dish 47G Tx FM locked Gunn 150mW Rx LNA 40cm dish 76G Tx diode multiplier FM Rx with LNA both rigs 30cm dishes Talkback mostly 433.450 FM with 144.390 being available but qrm unuseable for dx line up Phone 0786 7007806 Times from ~10am until wet or exhausted.

Callsign: G3ZME/P Locator: IO82QL83 (Brown Clee) Band: 24 GHz Talkback: 144.390 and Zello SHF chat Times: From about 10:30 local

Callsign: G0JBA Locator: JO01PG63 Band: 24GHz 1.8W 40cm Dish Talkback: ON4KST Times: Whenever G3XDY is on for the one QSO and any other time if required

Callsign: G8GTZ/P Locator: Somewhere in IO91KF Bands: 24 Ghz - 1 watt to 60cms 47 GHz - 10 milliwatts to 60cms 76 GHz - 1 milliwatt Times: from 11am Talkback 433.450 FM, 07881914287 and maybe 144.390

Callsign: G8CUB/P Loctors: IO91GI25 Coombe Gibbet 10.00 - 12.30 bst IO91CL12 Hackpen 13.30 - 16.00 bst IO91DM75 Liddington (280 - 360 deg. only) if time later Bands: 24GHz 2W 30cm dish 47GHz 50mW 30cm dish 76GHz 50mW 30cm dish Talkback 144.390 ssb, 433.450 fm qrp. Zello (if I remember to turn it on).

Callsign: G4SJH/P Locator: IO91GI44 Bands: 24GHz 2W 60cm offset dish + alternatives if it doesn't work! Talkback: ON4KST and 144.390 via Dave G1EHF/P Times: 10am bst onwards

Callsign: G1DFL/P Locator: IO91ON71 Bisham Hill (clear to Walbury/Gibbet, Basingstoke) Then roving to various sites further West (TBC) Bands: 24GHz 250mw 30cm 47GHz 5mW 30cm Talkback: 144.390 SSB/433.450 NBFM, wtKST, Zello/07713 432632. Times: 10.30am to 3pm

Callsign: G4FRE/P Locators: Man portable at IO81XW91 (Cleeve common trig point) 10.00 - 1130 bst Talkback Zello 07941541592. Portable at IO81WU82 Birdlip 1230-1400 bst, talkback 144.390 ssb. Zello 07941541592. Possibly Portable at IO91BV82 Notgrove 15.00 - 17.00 bst, (LOS to I091GI) Talkback 144.390 ssb, 433.450 fm. Zello 07941541592. Bands: 24GHz 2W 18 inch dish 47GHz 100mW 40cm dish 76GHz 300mW 30cm dish Talkback 144.390 ssb, 433.450 fm qrp. Zello (if I remember to turn it on).

Callsign: G3XDY
Locator: JO02OB
Bands: 24GHz 3W 48cm dish
Talkback: ON4KST, 144.390 and Zello SHF Chat
Times: Various depending on activity


John G3XDY
UKuG Contest Manager