Activity List for the UK Microwave Group 5.7/10GHz Contests Sunday 27th September

John Quarmby

The final session of the 5.7/10GHz Contests for 2020 takes place tomorrow Sunday 27th September, from 0600 to 1800 GMT (0700-1900 BST) you can operate for an 8 hour period maximum between those times. Full rules are here:

Thanks for your inputs for the activity list, the weather looks like not being cooperative with the wind likely to be an issue for some.

Callsign: G4BXD
Locator: IO82UJ
Bands:  10GHz  2.5W, 60cm dish
Talkback: ON4KST,
Times: Various throughout

Callsign: G4SJH/P
Locator: IO91GI44
Bands:  10GHz 1W 0.85m dish, GPS lock
Talkback: ON4KST and 144.390MHz
Times: From around 10:30 BST

Callsign: G1EHF/P
Locator: IO91GI44
Bands: 5.7GHz 10W 1.1m dish, GPS lock
Talkback: ON4KST and 144.390MHz
Times: From around 10:30 BST

Callsign: G4ZTR
Locator: JO01KW
Band: 10GHz, 10w, 1m dish
Talkback: ON4KST and 144MHz
Times: Various to suit activity

Callsign: G3ZME/P
Locator: IO82QL
Bands: 10GHz
Talkback: ON4KST, Zello SHF Chat, 144MHz
Times: From about 09:30 UTC

Callsign: G6ZME/P
Locator: IO82QL
Bands: 5.7GHz
Talkback: 144MHz (ideal), ON4KST, possibly Zello SHF Chat, phone 07421 001166
Times: From about 09:30 UTC

Callsign: G4BAO
Locator: JO02CG
Bands: 10GHz
7W 60cm Offset dish @8m AGL
Talkback: ON4KST, Zello SHF Chat, 144.390MHz
Times: From about 10:00 UTC in and out

Callsign: G4UVZ
Locator: IO80KX
Bands: 10 watts on 10GHz 60cm dish
Talkback: 2M and Zello

Callsign, G4LDR
Locator, IO91EC02
Bands, 10GHz and 5.7GHz
Talkback, 144.390, KST, (Zello perhaps)
Times, Hope to be QRV for some periods throughout the contest after about 10:00UTC.

Callsign: GW4MBS/P
Locator: IO71XW37GP Good take-off only to East - South West
Bands: 10GHz 3W Sky Dish
Talkback: ON4KST
Times: Most of day

Callsign: M1GSM/P
Locator: IO94CR Good take-off everywhere!
Bands: 10GHz 2W Sky 3 Dish
Talkback: ON4KST
Times: 11 till when I freeze in the north wind!

Callsign: GI0GDP/P
Locator: IO74BR40LR
Bands: 10GHz and  5.7 GHz 1 watt and 4 watts Sky dish
Talkback: 144.390 and 07817 177907
Times: From about 11:00 clock time

Callsign: G8AIM
Locator: IO92FH
Bands: 10GHz 5 watts 1.2m dish
              5.7GHz 5 watts 1.2m dish
Talkback: 144.390 only
Times: 10am onwards

Callsign: G8JVM
Locator: IO82sp
Bands: 5.7GHz 10W 0.6m dish
             10GHz 5W 0.6m dish
Talkback: Zello SHF Chat, KST  and direct calling CQ 144.375MHz
Times: Various throughout

Callsign: G3XDY
Locator: JO02OB
Bands: 5.7GHz 15W 60cm dish
             10GHz 10W  60cm dish
Talkback: ON4KST, 144.390, Zello SHF Chat
Times: Various throughout


John G3XDY

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