Lunar Radar Studies


Back in the 1960's there were people who said when the astronauts land on the moon, they would sink into a thick layer of fine dust never to be seen again!

So there were many Radar studies of the moon basically trying to measure the Er, or dielectric constant of the surface.   Low Er, thick dust!   11 Lunar Radar studies can be downloaded at:

And they knew 60 years ago CP didn't work very well on Lunar Echos.  The signals are scattered, not reflected and thus depolarized.    The moon is NOT a polished sphere.   My 1st 3 cm EME system had the feed support coming out the back of the dish and I could rotate Polarization by hand in seconds.   I was linear, CJO was Linear and I could quickly peak up my rotation for min signal then moving the feed another 90 deg to hit the peak.  Off peak 90 deg was a bit weaker, but it was not a deep null.     I was running 55 watts and a 12 foot dish, CJO was 300 watts and a 16 foot dish.  Much easier to peak on him.     I was so proud of my 3 dB NF back then!      73 Kent 

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Hi John

GOOD LUCK!   Even with strong signals the spreading is pretty hard on the audio!

Best luck with WA7CJO was when he pointed the dish a bit off to the side of the moon.
Illuminate about 1/2 of the moon and you get about 1/2 of the spreading.
And of course you need strong signals since you are only getting about 1/2 of the energy.

Years ago they put that big dish in Canada on 3 cm EME and their SSB was OK.
Of curse they only illuminated 2% or 3% of the moon.  Cheers Kent

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Hi Denis ,
We can send any mode you want , but I would doubt you will make much ssb out .
Email us on Saturday when we are on and we will do some tests with you ."Halo the Moon" is a favourite of mine .

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Are you able to send SSB, I have never heard it via the moon so would be interested in trying to hear you.
I will be around to try Q65 as well
Hope to work you soon
Best 73

On 30 Nov 2022, at 19:02, John Fell <john.g0api@...> wrote:

10368.200 MHz ,  or very close Ben .
Don't forget it will be Vertical polarisation .

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G4RFR will be operational on 10GHz EME from about 16:00 UTC on Saturday 3rd December. We'll be on HB9Q and email us at frars.eme@... if you would like to organise a sked.
200W into a 3.6m dish (prime) all modes available.