2022 Midlands Round Table Programme

Paul G8AQA

Midlands Microwave Round Table - December 2022


09:00 Doors open

10:00 Introduction

10:15 Raspberry Pi Enabled Microwave Test Equipment - Dave Crump G8GKQ

11:15 3D Printed Microwave GRIN Lenses - Neil Smith G4DBN

12:15 Dragging the Tripod into the 21st Century - Dave Butler

01:30 Lunch - cottage pie followed by crumble and custard

02:30 How I planted a Russian Spy Bug at the BBC - Neil Smith G4DBN

03:30 Adventures on 122GHz - G8GTZ

Sunday. If you wish to continue with construction say with bits purchase from BATC we will be available on Sunday. The measurement facilities will still be available. No food will be provided.

Antenna Test Range

A relatively unknown feature at Eaton Manor is the 100??mt long ex chicken shed which is normally used as a practice range by the British archery team. As I was aware of the facility I have persuaded Brian G4NNS to set up an antenna test range on Saturday at MRT.

Whilst being weather proof it will have some limitations due to potential reflections but should be good for measuring antenna gain and at least the equipment and operators will remain dry.

It will be equipped to measure 3.4, 5.6, 10 and 24 GHz so bring along that odd dish you bought at a boot sale and see if it really is any better than a dipole!

We will organise a booking system on the day (not in advance by email!) so first come first served and we will appreciate help running the range so we don’t miss all the bargains or freeze to death!

Construction and Debugging

There will be facilities available for surface mount and other work. These may be useful when debugging. Help will be at hand particularly with BATC projects.


There will be various microwave measurement systems available. These will not have up to date calibration certificates but should be indicative. Please find an operator. Some is very sensitive and easily and expensively damaged.


The BATC will be bringing the shop so you can purchase parts for their projects.

Junk Sale

There will be tables available free of charge to sell your surplus equipment. Please try to label items. There will also be tables for free stuff. Please take what you need.