scatterpoints TOM?

Gareth G4XAT

Its all in the Wiki....
Hope that helps...


‘Tilt-O-Matic’ by Gareth Evans G4XAT

Sounds interesting, a picture of it would have helped visualize it though as I have one of those tripods to get sorted as well.

I have just added a platform to my 1943 New Zealand military tripod, all very Heath Robinson as no real machines here, not even a 3D printer!! so hacksaw and drill only.

I was going to mount the Gily 60cm on the wood platform but then thought if I did that I couldn't try other dish's so ended up fixing a pole to it. Rotation is ok but the screw which tightens the tilt needs a lot of pressure so I  luckily found a bigger bar with the right thread on it so I can get more purchase on it, really needs a cross bar welding to it but..

Used it to tune to Oscar 100 the other day, seems ok, whether we will ever mess about uw portable is debatable, hi.