Chipbank update

Michael Scott

Hi All

Thanks go to Andy Wade, G4AJW for a very generous donation of a large collection of surface mount components which I brought home from the RSGB Convention last month.

Thanks also to John Wilson, G3UUT, who stored the ten boxes for several weeks, and then delivered them to me at Kents Hill.

I have now been through all the boxes and the updated Chipbank catalogue is now on the UKuG website.

In summary:

RESISTORS: We now have good stocks of almost all E12 values in both 1206 and 0805, as well as many of the intermediate values which make up the E24 series. The 0603 list is unchanged from the last update.

CAPACITORS: Good stocks of all the common values of  ceramic chip capacitors again in 1206 and 0805.

Also Murata TXBX4 series trimmers, 1-3pF ( Brown ) and 3-10pF (White ) and a few 4-25pF ( Black ).

DIODES: A good range of Schottkey and PIN diodes in singles and multiple packages. Several sm versions of 1N4148 general purpose general purpose diodes, and rectifier diodes ( sm versions of 1N4001/2/3/4 ) in various packages.

In addition, a full range of Zener diodes from 2v4 up to 15v plus a few higher voltage.

TRANSISTORS: A good selection of general purpose and RF transistors including a selection of BFR90/91/92/93/96 in stripline packs suitable for building/repairing legacy designs.

MMICS: A good selection of MAR, ERA, GALI and MSA devices either in sm or stripline packs.

Most of the other files in the catalogue are unchanged since the July update. One exception is the addition of a selection of standard LEDs in 3mm and 5mm sizes.

Virtually all of the semiconductors are in amateur friendly packs such as SOT23 etc.

Quantities available vary from a full reel to half a dozen or so, so it is first come first served!

Please take a look at the catalogue, and submit orders on the form on the website.

73, Mike, G3LYP.