Heat sinks.

Gareth G4XAT

Agreed, sensible prices and good service too. Another great source of heatsinks/boxes is "SourthWestRenewables" on eBay. They recycle the chassis/box/heatsinks from a variety of solar inverters. They usually take an offer too, so save a £'s.
e.g.https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/134018359225?hash=item1f341ddfb9:g:n8YAAOSwbcJiAlbW which is a copper-coated (spray) polycarbonate box with a big heatsink under. The plastic bit can be unscrewed and the inner part cut out to access the heatsink. I'm fitting big amps for 3.4 and 5.7 in one, plus RX strips.


Colin Ranson

Greetings to all,


Just a bit of praise for Enigma Broadcast.


Ordered a heat sink from Enigma late yesterday afternoon for my NEC BLF888A module. It arrived this morning at 09:15, excellent service from them and the much maligned PO.


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Colin de G8LBS.




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