[OT] Cov-19 Self Tests (Was Re: Round Table?)



The new nasal swab LF test is as easy and takes as much time as putting deodorant on in the morning.

Well, not mentioning the 15 minute wait for the test strip to "develop"...  I just get on with the rest of the morning routine while that's happening.

Quite honestly, I don't know what all the fuss is about re "difficult to use" home test kits.

Common sense still applies, we all need to help reduce the likelihood of any transmission or spread where possible.  The self testing is just another aspect of that.


Dave G8KBV.  (Double C-19 jabbed, and now a Flu jab too.)

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Dave G6HEF

Totally agree

G6HEF (Double jabbed, PCR tested every two weeks - eagerly waiting booster and flu vaccines)