Where is everyone?


Neil Smith G4DBN

Hi Ben, it's a nice sunny day, so doing the washing, making lunch, watering the plants, walking the dogs, taking Caroline out and generally doing Weekend things. Weekend contests are very awkward for me at the moment. Pity that all that lovely ducting last night has fizzled to nothing.  I can't even hear GB3CAM, not a squeak out of PKT or KBQ except a sniff or two of aircraft reflection.

Paths to the south-west are dreadful from here at the moment, I can only just hear myself on Mow Cop WebSDR. Pleased to make it with GI6ATZ/P IO74 and G0HIK/P IO84 over the highest bits of the Pennines.

Huge reflection from Clive GW4MBS in IO71, but only a sniff of tropo, then no more planes. I'll try to get back on later when chores are all done.

Neil G4DBN

On 30/05/2021 13:56, militaryoperator via groups.io wrote:
Where is everyone?