Nice North Sea duct on 3cm

Neil Smith G4DBN

I am beaming west at the chimney of Drax power station. Reflected off that I am hearing OZ5SHF, DB0VC, DB0GHZ, PI7RTD, PI7ALK at better strengths than direct, and also hearing GB3PKT, GB3LEX, GB3FNY and GB3CAM. All on the same waterfall....

Very useful facility, that chimney, just about omni.  I suspect there is an elevated duct and I am getting a better way in vias the chimney than beaming direct.

DB0VC is 763 km, OZ5UHF is 730 km, and DB0GHZ is a ridiculous 599 at 578 km.

It will all evaporate by tomorrow of course. I might be able to get on for a couple of hours, but no promises, so I won't make a formal activity post for the contest.

Neil G4DBN