Suitable prescalar for #10ghz


Looking to purchase a prescaler suitable for placing in front of a Victor VC3165 (<2.5Ghz 8 Digit) to allow me to use it on >10GHz. Probably a /5 /4 even /10 any suggestions for pre-built and availability as surface mount is not an area my hands seem good at . TIA


I can send you one or two boards of the 1/8 prescaler that will probably
appear in the next DUBUS. Hot air soldering is yours. (Prescaler chip has a bottom ground pad.)
It uses AD / Hittite HMC363S8G, MiniCircuits GVA-123+ as preamp and a cheaper sot-89 as a post amp.
I use it to trigger my HP54750A sampling scope and the Stanford SR620 counter. It can drive both
via a power splitter. Limit is abt. 12 GHz. Parts are available @ Digikey.
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I have promised the ius primae noctis to Dubus, so I don't want to be too explicit here. Not now.
But they won't reject success stories. :-)

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