Mixers to Chipbank

Michael Scott

Hi All

While sorting through a drawer, I came across a strip of five HMC218B double balanced mixers. These are 3.5 -8GHz devices originally from Hittite, but now Analog Devices. They were specified in an early version of Paul Wade's 5.7GHz transverter.

The downside is that they are in a quite smallĀ  8pin MSOP package. I did manage to mount one on a test PCB and it worked OK, but I don't have plans to use any more so will donate them to the Chipbank at the next update. In the meantime, if anyone would like to have one or two to play with, send an order on the usual Chipbank form.

They are still available from Mouser, and a data sheet is available from them.

73, Mike, G3LYP.