Identifying some microwave parts

Dave G8KHU

The set of 4 dual port parts with the two holes at the back could well be single balanced mixers - missing the diode holders and probes though.


Dave G8KHU

Chris G8BKE

The MCSL part is an X band free running swept source,  varactor tuned. It comprises a grounded collector 2N3866 power oscillator driving a step recovery diode (SRD),  followed by a waveguide filter.   The frequency range is maybe 8 -10Ghz with a few mW out.
Not a lot of use for the amateur  as its stands unless you rescue the SRD for your own multiplier or use the unit as an LO for a crude Spectrum Analyser???   Supply is -24v from memory but not sure what the varactor tuning input needed.

73 de Chris G8BKE

Clive Elliott GW4MBS

5840-99-112-0319 is not a UN number but a NSN (NATO Stock Number)
The NSC (NATO Supply Classification) 5840 indicates it is for Radar Equipment except Airborne.
The NSN detail reveal although British (99) it was also used by The Netherlands & Denmark
MESL part no 16S1131
GEC-Marconi 334B6029-16P
"Local oscillator"
No other details I'm afraid but the manufacturer's numbers should help track down some details.
Clive GW4MBS (ex-G8ADP)
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