Wolfspeed CGHV59070 70W 50V 6cm GaN HEMT

Neil Smith G4DBN

Has anyone played with the CGHV59070 GaN devices? They look relatively easy to match because of running at 50V, and make serious power on 6cm for about £250.

Gain and power are falling off by the time you get to 5760, but should still do around 70W CW with 13dB gain, so perhaps 3.5W input. Pulse rating is typically 100W at 5.4 GHz.

I've ordered one for the giggles. Given their niceness, it would be rude not to, wouldn't it? OK, I could probably find a pair of 20 year old Gasfets to get the same power, but even second-hand they are going to cost more than the new device, and have way less gain.


I have a huge pile of other projects to finish first, obviously, but given the state of the semiconductor industry, I wanted to have one in my parts box while I can buy them.

Fingers crossed I pass the EAR test again.  A pair of these would be mightily loud, wouldn't they?

Right, time to get back to the machine shop to make more Radio Things after a hard day at the infosec coal face.

Neil G4DBN

Mihai, YO8RHM

I have an ongoing "hybrid" PA project for 5.7GHz with GaAs FET transistors and a final with GaN HEMT CGH40035F from Wolfspeed. I am in the phase of mechanical fixing of the transistors. You can see the project on my web page http://www.yo8rhm.com/index.php/6cm-pa-50w

Mihai YO8RHM