Frequency West / Continental Microwave PLL 10m GHz Multiplier

Adrian G4UVZ

There is a well know law of electronics that if you have a fiull set of spares for an item it is very unlikely to go wrong!

During the rebuild of GB3KBQ, due to the generocity of individuals on this forum, I was able to build an 'almost'  spare driver unit for the beacon.

What I am missing, to complete a spare unit, is the 108 MHz - 10GHz multiplier. This is a Continental Microwave / Frequency- West Microwave PLL multiplier 'Brick'

These were commonly available at round tables and rallies a few years ago.

If you have such an item gathering dust and surplus to your requirements ..I can find a good home it!

Adrian G4UVZ  Beacon Keeper GB3KBQ 10,368.870 MHz IO80LX

Adrian G4UVZ

Still looking for a 10GHx multiplier..however I have been offered thi unit ..please email me if it is of interest for a lower band project 

'Is there any interest in a brick for 3400MHz? I have another Frequency West one that is sitting at 3.868GHz that was intended to be used for a 3456MHz project that never materialized. It, too, needs a new home.'