Programming Nort SLO registers

Noel G8GTZ



I’m trying to use a Nort SLO module as the LO on 47GHz but having problems finding the correct register values to give low phase noise – the values on the wiki don’t seem to be optimum....


I’ve downloaded the AD Frac-N PLL calculator for the ADF4153 to generate values but the results I get compared to an Elcom and another Nort SLO programmed for 76GHz LO show the noise floor to be about 20 dB higher!


Has anyone programmed these devices, which were on sale at Friedrichshafen a couple of years ago, and can send me register values that you know work?



Noel – G8GTZ

Daniel DL3IAE

Hi Noel,

what is the frequency you try to program the 4153?
Are you getting a lock detect signal from it?
You should do the hardware mods I suggested at the bottom of the page.
It works nicely in my 24 GHz rig.



If you decrease the frequency the output level will decrease too.
I soldered the PCB track before HMC and got more output power then.
73 de Andrej S57NML

Noel G8GTZ

Hi Daniel,

Yes, I have done the hardware mods on one of my 2 units - Frequencies are 2916MHz for one unit for 432 IF and 3060 for the 2nd unit for 10,368 IF.

Noel - G8GTZ

Daniel DL3IAE

Hi Noel,
I have just sent you an emails with some info.
Hope it helps.



hi Noel!
did you receive my email?

i2NDT Claudio