Cherokee Europe 680W 50V PSU connections

neil whiting

I have one of these PSUs type PE2114/242. I think it came with a 13cm PA purchase.

Googling found another type number of NTQA91HA which seems to be Nortel, pehaps this
is an equivalent. Seems to be found in phone basestations.

It's marked in felt tip as to which pins are the mains in and 50V out.
I have applied mains as indicated and it lights the panel lamp but I don't see 50V.
Does anybody have any further info, for example do I need to short some pins to turn it on?

73, Neil G4BRK

neil whiting

Thanks to one of our DL friends I have found the problem.
Simple - the output pins were wrongly marked with felt tip.
The correct pins give me 54V output, next step is to find the adjuster pot
and tweak it down.

73, Neil G4BRK

Mike Willis

I have been using the Eltek Flatpack2 PSUs. They use a CAN bus for setting and monitoring. They often come set to 54V when you want 48V but can be re-programmed. Unfortunately, quite a few other hobbyists have found out how useful they are so the price has gone up!

Mike G0MJW

Paul Evans W4/VP9KF

Think this from ON7MOR points you in the right place:

73, Paul Evans G4BKI [VP9KF]