Original Beacon Keyer [sort of] available again

Andy G4JNT

I had intended the Microwavers Audio Beacon  keyer http://g4jnt.com/MicrowaversAudioKeyer.pdf  to be the only one I 'did' in terms of hardware.    But there have been a small number of requests for the original on/off version - with no audio or anything like that.

So I've put together a modified bit of firmware that allows the new PCB and PIC to be used as a conventional keyer.   Same type of message programming over RS232/COM Port and functionality as the old beacon keyer, but now with the programming improvements of KEYER4 like dual polarity COM port detected.

Keying output is taken from the same pin on the PIC that supplied audio.  If you want the original ground-to-key option, a small amount of board surgery is required to add the extra MOSFET.   Full details in the updated PDF, given above.

Price is the same as KEYER4 / 3  and send me an email requesting the DirectKeyer option.   Overseas orders, please contact me directly for a delivery price.