Audio Beacon Keyer - voltage regulator

Andy G4JNT

The only component the Chipbank can't help with.

I've just noticed, annoyingly, that Farnell don't have the LM3480-5.0 SOT23 packaged voltage regulator i.  It's available for back order 8 Feb  (They have other voltages, and the thing will run just as well off 3.3V if your COM Port programming interface is happy with this voltage level )

An alternative WITH THE SAME CONNECTIONS  is the ZMR500FTA.   The most popular SOT23 regulator is the MCP1703 which has DIFFERENT pin connections.   (It could probably be squeezed on by rotating 120 deg, but that's just bodgery.  The sort of thing you only do if you already have some.)

RS have plenty of LM3480 in stock - and probaly the otehr suppliers do too.