Thanks for proving me correct Neil


Had to laugh. In a recently published dribble I wrote:

These are A: the hard way and B: the easy way. Method A had the least attraction for me. Those choosing method A usually come from or have a mechanical engineering interest, have a large selection of engineering equipment such as CNC millers and lathes and no doubt own one or more digital micrometers. They are the sort happy to measure to the quintillionth of a mm, something I with my 10Mtr Stanley steel tape am unable to match.  

then I find I'm told to follow Neil on my Twitter account where he states:

Bought some nice Tesa Swiss bore micrometers and ring setting gauges to extend the range of small holes I can measure. The 8mm ring is accurate to better than a μm. The 6-8 and 8-10 gauges show repeatability better than half a wavelength of visible light.

Thanks Neil, it proves I was right to go down the B path, hi.

regards, Ben

Curator, Owner and Display coordinator
Military Wireless Museum
Kidderminster, UK.

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