3cms equipment for GB3XY

Clive, G3GJA

Hi All


Has anyone got a spare 3cm transverter or a TX upconverter to use with an IF that can be between 100MHz to 1GHz? I’m looking to generate an output on 10.065GHz for the ATV repeater GB3XY that is being converted to DATV. An unused DB6NT kit would be ideal but anything would be considered, working or not.


I’m also looking for a 3cm PA that will produce a watt or two of DATV, so may need up to 10w SSB rating. The repeater’s ERP is limited to 7.8dBw but I don’t want to use lots of antenna gain to achieve that; the antenna will be mounted on a guyed Versatower that moves in the wind and previous high gain slot antennas have resulted in a too tight vertical aperture causing deep QSB when it blows a bit.




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