432 Yagi/ hgh VSWR


Once again my thanks for all the advice given on this group and also by private E mail.

Today I had the use of a calibrated Procom VSWR/ Frequency generator and tested the coax lead up to the antenna. I swept a range of frequencies and confirmed that there was a 6-1 VSWR

I charged up my Nano VNA tonight and will do some more tests tomorrow if time allows.

On my club net this afternoon we put togeather a team to drop my mast when the restrictions are eased.

In the mean time I will sort out my /p 5 element MET Yagi and get that up on a pole if H.M.G. decides there will be further long term restrictions on working parties. (and the Dragon does not throw a wobbly about more masts in the garden.)

Julian G4ZOD