10GHz and a distinct lack of success

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I had no trouble receiving the local beacon
It is perhaps worth mentioning that the 10GHz cumulatives award points for one way contacts so anyone who wants to test an LNB receiver might try this Sunday and would be a welcome addition to the band. Obviously anyone wanting to have a go would also need KST or (even better) 2m SSB.



Alan Melia

Hi Gordon, I was tempted to buy at a Rally but when you look at the asking
price and see that CPC is selling a single output dual frequency/dual
polarisation LNB for about 5 including VAT with a stated (but suspect !!)
NF of 0.2dB !! CPC also sell a DC block/injector cheaper than you can but
the connectors for it.

I had no trouble receiving the local beacon which is just less than 1km I
suppose. The signal did disappear when the leaves came out on the trees. I
can confirm these newer LNBs are quite stable I can receive the beacon for
minutes on end using an FRG-9600 as the 618MHz IF on SSB mode.

I find a 0dBm to +10dBm source around 144Mhz fed directly to a Marconi diode
mixer/detector provides a good marker signal for local comparisons and

Best Wishes
Alan G3NYK