NBS Yagi design


Yes you are right.

The MET Yagi is the only commercial antenna that I still have and has proved itself by surviving since MET gave me it to review back in 1983 ?

NBS designs are simple and obviously non-optimum in polar responce terms , but for a compact design they do exhibit reasonable gain/ft of boom.

I replaced a box of 4 , 2 METs and 2 API clones , for contest work in the late 80s in favour of a pair of 19 el DL6WU s , which exhibit very good defined forward lobes - they are twice the boom length for the same forward gain , but 35ft booms are easy to make and Ians (SEK) version of the program is such a delight to use as it really does do what it says on the label .The lack of stacking H frames and multi-port combiners also reduce the site build time on things like VHF NFD , when we used to have 6 bands The 11 el DL6WU built for 50MHz (49 ft boom) also proves the design holds.....

73 de G0API/W

PS Gud luck with nb/wb on 3cms - my 6cm DB6NT box LO seems to swing itself nicely , without input from me ! I am beginning to want my 3cm system back up a mast so I can work u on these hill thingies .Have a dro based TX feeding the 10W tube and also switchable nb and ATV TX/RX - thats why its so bl...y heavy (and as you will say "old " technology)

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19 el NBS Yagi
Vintage technology there!