GB3CAM update 28/2/08

John Worsnop <g4bao@...>

As you probably all now know, we've received the NOV for the GB3CAM
beacon cluster (can you have a cluster of 2 beacons?) well 3cm and
24GHz anyway. The 3cm beacon continues on test as G4AKD/B from Dry
Drayton, on 10368.749 and has received a few reports. The 24GHz
beacon is still a (complete) collection of parts, but the outdoor
unit should be together and on test within the next 2-3 weeks. The
oscillator will depend on when Sam an extricate himself from
underneath the massive load of other "stuff" he's currently signed up
to do. Thanks to Dave G4FRE/WW2R we now have a keyer board. The
liason with the site owners is under way and we have located the
feeders. We are still on track for a late April install if all goes
acording to plan.

This is the first beacon project I've worked on since I built the
Crowborough 4m TX back in the late 70's and I have to admit that this
has been most satisfyingly collabarative! The list of contributors so
far is:

Bernie G4HJW for the complete 3cm beacon (we are not worthy!)
Ian G4AKD for use of his shed for G4AKD/B
Jenny G0VQH at J-Squared for PCB making facilities
Ian G8KQW / Brian G4NNS for the 24GHz antenna
Sam G4DDK for the 125MHz Oscillator
Tom G4TWJ for the 24GHz PA
Murray G6JYB Licence liason
Rob G1ZPU Cambs repeater group liason
Phil G4BIK rigger
Dave G4FRE keyer

When you look at the list of collaborators on the 24GHz beacon you'll
see I really mean my comment about Bernie!

There will be a further update at the end of next month when
hopefully, the 24GHz beacon will be on test somewhere.

73 all


martin581958 <mcranage@...>

Congratulations to you guys on doing a great job. With improving
weather I hope to get out /P from the Salisbury area and see if I can
hear the 10GHz beacon. Might also bring gear up to London QTH sometime.
Located on hill top but not certain about takeoff in Cabridge direction
from Tooting Bec. Must check.
Also have started on the first step towards 24GHz with acqisition of
Endwave hub (alegedly with 2W PA). Unfortunately, location in valley
precludes home operating other than rain scatter and current ali pole
insufficient to take more antennas.
73 Martin