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Sorry Peter - this came out a little negative towards you - not my intention. Sorry. What I meant was that not all caches are on your own computer and that your advice was not necessarily accurate.

I also appears that some ISPs implement caches to reduce the external traffic they have to pay for. These also need to be flushed.


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Mike Willis wrote:
Hello John,

That is why I asked if you had flushed your web cache. CNTRL F5. I find
that my web cache at work will sometimes give strange results on web pages
I have visited that have changed since.
Just set your browser options to empty the cache every time you shut
it down. In these days of broadband, keeping webpages in a cache for
days is unnecessary :-)
Everyone accessing the web from work (tut tut) please ignore Peters advice. He has not come across the phenomenon of the corporate web cache that so many of us are behind for "our protection".

Peter, G3PHO